May 20, 2018

Shareyt Review - Get Likes, Follows, Shares and Subscribers For Free

What is

An effective and free to join platform for social media promotion for brands, public figures and individuals. (pronounced "share it" ) utilizes a system where like minded people help each other by reciprocally sharing each others information. 

Whether its about facebook likes, Google Plus votes, real website visitors, twitter followers or retweets, everything is achievable at Apart from that, offers cool opportunities for those looking for an extra source of income by introducing incentives for every action one takes through the site.

What are coins?

Shareyt coins are credits/ points received for each activity on our site.

What can I do with coins?

You can grow and promote your own social media using the coins you have gathered. Just add your link, assign coins for your campaign and set your cost per action rate. Sit back and relax while you admire waves of traffic join your facebook pages, follow you on twitter, retweet your ads, vote for you on Google plus and watch your video or website.

Last but not the least, you can even cash in the coins you have earned through your activities on for real $$$.

How I can earn coins?

  • You will earn coins for every exchange from you, to our users. E.g:
  • By liking websites or fanpages, sharing messages, following facebook users or liking photos
  • By sharing or recommending a link on Google Plus network (clicking Google +1 buttons)
  • By pinning or repinning images on Pinterest. Liking images on Pinterest or Instagram.
  • By sharing on linkedin, tumblr, diigo, delicious, vkontakte,
  • By tweeting messages, retweeting or liking tweets. By following someone on twitter, pinterest, instagram, Google plus, stumbleupon or delicious through the site and much more
  • By watching Youtube videos, subscribing to youtube users or liking youtube videos
  • By surfing websites, visitng websites or promoting easy affiliate websites
  • By successfully referring others to
  • You can also buy cheap coins packs from store

How Shareyt Works?

We all enjoy being in the limelight. Websites need traffic, businesses need prestige, individuals need followers, bloggers need audience. There are many ways social media users entice visitors in liking or following their content. While having great content is the prerequisite for passive social media growth, social media people often used content lockers, contests and giveaways to grow audience base fast. 

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May 19, 2018 Review - New URL Shortener with High CPM Rates 

is one of the fastest growing URL Shortener site, it pays to shorten any url links and share anywhere online.

Currently theyoffer up to $20 per visits with lowest rate of $3

Currently they offer 4 payment methods to pay all our users, which are Paypal, Payza, Skrill and Paytm UPI/Bank UPI, you can withdraw your earning when reaches $5.

Also any publishers can earn extra 20% to refer other publishers
They pay on daily basis with quick payments, other than quick payment we offer some good features to all our publishers like Multiple tools, High CPM Rates, Good customer support, Good referral commission for life, Low withdrawal limit many more.

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GPT1 Review


is a site that pays you to subscribe to advertising agencies. 
The principle of the site is to make you earn points, called Token, which you can then turn into EUR and receive Paypal

There is no limit payment, apart from 15cts a tax is levied on all requests for payment, so the payment limit is 15 cents. It's best not to demand payment as soon as you earn 20-30 cents, but to demand payment directly after assemble 200-300 token. 

Earn points: 

To earn token, nothing fancy. 
Just as I said to register on partner sites. 
For her, RDV in the Offer (Token) and choose a sponsor (left panel) or there will be all the offers tab?

Generally offer Matomy is good, but there are others, you do not have to limit supply filled EXCEPT for offers or requires a mobile number. Fill in a week because there is a risk of not being paid otherwise. 

Once your selected offer, look if there is a category "Free" or "Free" for free but paying offers. 
Watch the action to do (typically: Sign up to receive your token) and do there. 
Once everything is completed, the token does not emerge like this, you must update the site and you will see your Tokens. 

If you do not have your token, wait 15-20 minutes while her put them. 

Redeem points: 

Once you have a small token packet, go to the "Token => Euro" tab and enter the number of token you have in the box "Token 0" and you will see how you will do its EUR. 
And click "Convert" and you will get your EUR! 

Receive its EUR: 

So, it'll just make a request to receive your winnings on Paypal [IMG] 
For that, make sure you have a minimum of EUR 0.15 (EUR 0.15 fee) and go to the "Shop" tab and then "Payment Method" select "Paypal" (Also available: AlertPay, MoneyBookers, Neteller and Hipay ) and in the "0Gold" box put the number of EUR you want to send.

May 18, 2018

Beermoneyforum Review


is a make money forum with activity rewarding system and its own currency called BMF Coins since Apr 8, 2017. 

Ways to Earn BMF Coins

1000 BMF Coins = $1
+ Earn 500 BMF Coins per referral 
+ Earn up to 30 BMF Coins per new thread
+ Earn up to 25 BMF Coins per new reply
+ Earn up to 25 BMF Coins for daily login
+ Earn up to 5 BMF Coins per LIKE received


+ Earn for LOCKING tutorials (CHARGE the amount of BMF Coins you want so members can access your content)


You can buy BMF Coins by PayPal and hire other members to do micro jobs for you in the marketplace.


Redeem at least 1,340 BMF Coins for $1,34 by PayPal. 
Usually paid same day you request by Mr. B the owner.

The site at this moment has over 5,900 members and growing very fast.

Copy/paste articles are forbidden and you will be banned for life.


How To Make Your First $1 Online - Easy Method

How to make your first $1 online?

1. Shrink + Share urls = $$$ with the old and or read this article.
2. File sharing (where you upload and promote your files and earn per download, this may punch you to blackhat space. I recommend you to use these legit file sharing sites)

You may also want to check:

3. Fiverr (got skills? Content Writer, Website Designer, SEO expert...etc. Sell'em on Fiverr for $5)
4. Affiliate marketing with ClickBank (this is going to be tough but the rewards are great, I mean $$$ lots of $$$ if done right)
5. Blogging for Google Adsense money (is more passive income stream, takes time, you also must be approved by Adsense before ads sfow on your site whci also must be created and intereferes investments for a domain and webhosting).

Electronic money exchange

Vigo Video Overview - with Payment Proof

Break into the spotlight with short videos for the world to see! Download Vigo Video, a premiere video maker that will make you a star. Gain fans, interact in an exclusive community, and win big with every 15 second video you make. Share your daily life in movies and use cool filters and effects to show off your style. Use professional editing and beautify tools to bring your video to the next level. Get as creative as you can and you can become famous! 

Vigo Video - ⌛ You’ve got 15 seconds! Think you have what it takes?
Become a short video maker to receive awesome rewards and cash prizes 
Collaborate with creatives and discover thousands of unique short movies
Connect with millions of fans around the world

Vigo Video - 🎥 Be your best filmmaker on Vigo Video!
Use easy editing tools and creative decorations to pump up your videos
Beautify yourself and your friends with flattering filters
Share your videos to social media and show your friends your talent

Vigo Video - 🎨 Show off your artistic vision!
Shoot video clips and merge them together with effects and music
Organize and store clips in a secret album while you make your masterpiece
Choose from many emoji and motion stickers to personalize your own movies

Vigo Video - ✨ Amp up your selfies!
Smooth out skin and blemishes on the beauty camera
Play around with many looks and moods using makeup effects and beautify filters
Show off your style with hundreds of fun stickers and text options

Vigo Video - 🎵 Jam out with music!
Discover and share the latest and hottest music to add to your video
Express yourself with different genres and artists
Stand out from the crowd and be the DJ to your life’s movie

Vigo Video - 🔥 Earn Flames and get cash for making videos! 
Vigo Video can give you Flames for your great videos
Flames can be turned to cash that goes right into your pocket
Watch videos near you and give Flames to ones you enjoy

Vigo Video - 🌟 Be a part of a community of stars!
Browse through a video feed specially curated to your interests
Follow and interact with other influencers and video makers
Share videos you love in an awesome community with direct and group messages

 Now and be a part of a community of stars!

PAYMENT PROOF HERE:  Vigo Video Payment Proofs

 If you have any questions, please contact them at

Source: Google Play Store

May 04, 2018

Vigo Video - Earn Flames and Get Cash for Making High Quality Videos

Welcome to my blog, Dollar From Apps!

Vigo Video Referral Code – 80725527350

Many people are searching for ways to earn money on the internet. You are reading this article, so I believe that you also want to earn money online. You have heard about many online ways where money can be made. But many times we get nothing except false dreams. And we frustrate the time when we joined him. I have created this blog to protect people from this kind of fraudulent way.

Here you can learn about making money online, I am constantly preparing Articles for you, which is 100% true. With whom you can earn money without fear. You will know through this post how to earn money from Vigo Video Quiz Beat The Q Program.

Install Vigo Video

Introduction To Vigo Video App

Vigo Video is an Mobile Application, Which gives you money on uploading the video. The more your video will be appreciated by the audience, the more money you get.You can make a payment request from $ 1 ,In fact this is a great application.

You can edit a great video with it. If your dream is to become a famous personality, then you can start it like YouTube.

 Earn just by watching videos here at Baymack, Flamzy, Skylom and VipBirdie!

How To Earn Money By Vigo Video App

As I told you earlier, you can earn money by uploading the video.You can earn money by referring your application to your friends.

Apart from all this, you can earn money through this app in the following ways

  • Earn By Video Upload
  • Earn By Refer App
  • Earn Money By Offer
  • Earn Money By Play Quize Game
  • Minimum Payment  :  $ 1
  • Payment Frequency : Daily Instant!
  • Payment Method      : Paypal 
  • Referral Systems      : 20 % Referral Income ( Only 10 Days Valid )

Make sure to enter my referral code 80725527350 
to earn extra flames :)

Payment Proof

New Payment Received!

Install app now!

How To Earn Money on - Tips and Tricks

BestChange is a specialized online e-currency exchange service that monitors rates for dozens of popular conversion pairs in near real-time and offers one-click access to lists of reliable e-currency exchangers capable of helping you complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.The site also launched an affiliate program which pays you for referring visitors.

This affiliate program will be most profitable for those who own sites that sell or advertise products and services people pay for with electronic money. They pay up to $0.35 for every new visitor. The minimum sum that can be withdrawn from the affiliate account is just $1.

Anyone can earn with BestChange?—?you do not have to have your own site to do it. You can publish your promotional text with your affiliate link, for instance, on forums, in blogs, on social networks and other site.

                                      Sign up here 

The minimum sum of earned money that can be withdrawn from your affiliate account is $1.00.You get paid 0.04$ per unique visitor so that’s 4$ per 100 visitor and you earn more following this table;

Basic rate – $0.04.

You can get up to $0.45 for each unique user you get.

If the user engaged by you:

  • uses the exchanger monitoring service, you additionally get $0.01 x 2;
  • returns to the site in 7 days, you additionally get $0.02;
  • returns to the site in 14 days, you additionally get $0.03;
  • returns to the site in 30 days, you additionally get $0.04;
  • returns to the site in 60 days, you additionally get $0.05;
  • returns to the site in 90 days, you additionally get $0.06;
  • returns to the site in 120 days, you additionally get $0.09;
  • registered as a partner, you earn 15% of their income in our system;

Registered as a partner and engaged another partner, you earn 5% of the latter’s income in our system.

First Payment Proof:

April 24, 2018

Best Pop-Under Ad Networks 2018

PopUnder Advertising is a popular form of online advertising.

They can be used for attracting web traffic and also for capturing email addresses, as well. Pop-under Ads open in a new browser window which is hidden under the main active window. They do not disturb the user and are viewable once the main browser window is either closed or minimized.

Pop-under Ads can be used for promoting products or different services. Get to know best Pop-under Networks, which offer good rates and be considered.

If you too are looking for a formidable Pop-Under Ad Network, then you are perfectly at the right place. Here I have listed down  the Best Pop-Under Ad Network which you can use either as an advertiser or even as a publisher. They have been consistently delivering high performing solutions to online publishers and advertisers around the world.

These Pop-Under Ad Networks have much to offer to their publishers and advertising partners. Publishing clients can look up to top converting ad campaigns. They go on to offer extensive audience reach to its advertising partners. Using these Pop-Under Ad Networks you get to drive converting traffic to your website and get an opportunity for selecting the best-performing ad campaigns. They offer real-time detailed statistics and also offer extensively qualified support.

So let us now see the Best Pop-Under Ad Networks and I certainly hope that you would find the one matching your requirements.

1. Propeller Ads is by far one of the best Pop-Under Ad Network. It has earned the tag of being the fastest growing advertising company. They run ad campaigns based on CPA and CPL conversions. Publishers can look forward to payout 200% higher than anywhere else and 100% monetization for all visitors. In Propeller Ads, you get to have pop-under ads, pop-ups, pre-rolls, post-roll, and overlay ads.


With Propeller Ads, you get to select the best-performing ad campaigns. Propeller Ads offers you more than one reason for selecting it as your preferred Pop-under Ad network. With Propeller Ads, you get 100% inventory monetization, the own ad server solution, real-time detailed statistics, 24/7 qualified support and much more

Join Propeller Ads now!

2. PopAds advertising network specializes in pop-under ads on the Internet. It claims to be the best paying advertising network as far as pop-under ads are concerned. PopAds is a fast, efficient, and secure pop-under advertising network. It offers you an opportunity as an advertiser by bringing top quality visitors to your website. You can even become a publisher and get an opportunity of monetizing your website traffic with high-quality pop-under ads.

It promotes your website efficiently and processes the payment request on a daily basis for publishers. PopAds is currently hosting multiple category advertisers from as much as 50 countries. Picking the right category and keywords for your site you can effectively monetize your website traffic through pop-under ads. It offers a rate that mostly depends upon visitor traffic as well as website content. Plus: it offers high security and perfect support as well.

Join PopAds now!

3. PopCash is the most effective pop-under advertising network. It offers full control over your campaigns. You can choose when to start, pause or stop it. PopCash pop-under advertising network is fast, reliable, and secure. You get live and instant support through Instant Messengers. PopCash processes withdrawals on a daily basis so you get your payment super fast.

It provides detailed statistics through which you can easily monitor your campaign and or revenue progress. PopCash has kept low stakes such as a minimum amount of the withdrawal is only $10 and there is no minimum campaign budget with deposits kept as low as $5.

Join Popcash now!

4. RevenueHits is a popular advertising network among publishers and advertiser. They offer lots of advertising options like Display, Text Ads, Apps & Widgets, XML Feeds, Custom Formats and for sure Pop Ups/Under. Publishers can expect eCPM up to $30 which depends on many factors.

For advertisers, they have created a self-serve ad platform named from where you can advertise Pounder or Popup ads. For publishers, RevenueHits pays in net 30 terms and pays via Wire, PayPal or Payoneer.

Join Revenuehits now!

5. ExoClick is a leading web and mobile ad network serving pop-under ads. It mostly caters to adult traffic serving global and multi-channel ad solutions through the web, mobile, tablets, smart TVs, and more. Moreover, exoClick serves more than 20 ad formats. Its excellent customer support comes with 24/7 customer service, dedicated account managers, with weekly on-time payments.

You get access to its advanced real-time statistics. It is a recognized and leading ad network in the entertainment market which can surely help to monetize your website.

Join Exoclick now!

6. PopUnder Total is another very popular pop-under network based in Romania. It follows Cost per View revenue model. The ad network constantly strives for the success of advertisers and publishers. It provides a high revenue share to publishers which are 80%.

It reviews websites before approving them. However, there are no traffic restrictions for sites for joining the ad network. The ad network has lots of good things for both advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers can look up to premium traffic, premium publishers, numerous targeting options, and advanced real-time reports. They get the best traffic with the lowest investment. On the other hand, with their real-time bidding technology, premium campaigns, fast payment schedule, and real-time reporting, publishers can look to monetize every single visitor with their website.

Plus, the support is just fantastic which is almost instant regardless of your question. It also provides dedicated account managers. Payment processing is fast and is done once you earn $1. The payment options include Pay Pal and Wire Transfer. It has an easy sign-up process. Publishers get full control on ads. It also provides an efficient reporting system.

Join PopunderTotal now!

7. PopMyAds is one of the fastest growing Pop-Under Ad Network. It makes internet advertising not only easy but also highly rewarding. You can register as an Advertiser or as a Publisher, and see your profits grow.

It accepts most of the sites, and there is no minimum traffic requirement. With PopMyAds, you get an opportunity to partner with highly experienced monetization team. It offers industry leading rates and the best international traffic coverage. It constantly works to connect brands with the most engaged audiences.

Join PopMyAds now!

8. CPX24 is one of the highest paying CPM advertising network which gives publishers the opportunity to make money online from their blog/site. Unlike other advertising networks, CPX24 has lot of features that you and every publisher would like to know. The first being the minimum traffic requirements. CPX24 doesn’t have any traffic requirements for publishers. As soon as you join their ad network you are ready to serve their ads. CPM Program

 Apart from CPM, they also pay for CPC ads. The other being my favourite is that there is almost negligible minimum payout. The minimum payout is only $0.50 and the payments are processed within three business days. You can withdraw your payments at any time you want. Their ads are clean and the support is fast. You queries are answered within 24 hours. One of the major player in CPM advertising, they serve around 200 million daily targeted visitors to advertisers. They also accept adult sites.

The payment methods are wide. You can get paid through PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Payza, Paxum, Bitcoin, OkPay and Wire Transfer. Apart from all this, they also pay 10% of the referral income to their publishers.

Join CPX24 now!

9. PopunderZONE is a premium popunder advertising network which is about to set new heights in popunder advertising industry. They offer cost per view services and you will get the maximum amount of money each time one of their ads is displayed to a visitor on your website. You can generate a stable income from your online inventory and get maximum results possible.
Join PopunderZONE now!

10. HillTopAds is a global advertising network that helps facilitate a mutually profitable and satisfying relationship between advertisers and publishers by serving ads to monetize websites using cutting edge smart tech solutions on their advertising platform.

With an average global monthly impression of about 12 billion, HilltopAds has become one of the leading ad networks in terms of website traffic monetization.

 Most advertisers frequently worry about ROI while publishers simply want to monetize their websites in a safe and efficient way. With HilltopAds, this seemingly herculean task has been made quite simple especially because they provide their own ad server solution for website traffic monetization, as well as an efficient and advanced self service platform for advertising campaigns.

It is without a doubt that HilltopAds is a highly-rated ad network for both publishers and advertisers. For publishers, the benefits are quite enormous as income generation and website traffic monetization are made extremely easy. For advertisers, it is definitely the go-to ad network to get millions of clicks and views for your business.

Join HillTopAds now!

11. Yllix is an online ad network based in Panama.  Launched in 2012 this network is serving publishers and advertisers worldwide. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC, CPM and CPA. It is a good alternative to PropellerAds ad network.

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us

 Yllix is one of the best Pop Under network, aside of low $1 minimum payout via PayPal, they accept any kinds of sites. Just ad tags (ad code) and Yllix will automatically detect your site.

Join Yllix now! 

12. AdPixo  is an ad network to Get paid From Pop Under ads. 

AdPixo is delivering daily millions of pop under ads across the web using a powerful ad serving platform.

AdPixo Network Details

Commission Type: CPV , POP

Minimum Payment: $ 10
Payment Frequency: Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin
Country: Singapore
Contact: From Skype: Adpixo and From Email:


Referral System

Get $20 for each and every valid referral by referring AdPixo, it could take upto 7 days to process the affiliate payout .

Join AdPixo Now!


April 17, 2018

Site Like Bestchange

OkChanger - Site like BestChange 

Are you familiar with BestChange? is a free Internet-service intended to help finding electronic currency exchange services with the best exchange rates. Bestchange has affiliate program that enables webmasters monetize their blog whenever someone drives traffic to their site and click someones affiliate link 
For more info read BestChange FAQ.

If you haven't started earning on BestChange, you can sign up here.

Electronic currency exchanger

Same with BestChange, OkChanger offers you to earn $$$ being their affiliate. For more info, read OkChanger FAQ.

Sign up for OkChanger now and drive traffic together with BestChange and see the money coming!